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Hello and welcome to Saucon Valley Boxer Club!

It is touted that roughly around 7.6 million animals which have been abandoned or given up on reach shelters all around the USA. A large number of these animals are dogs. These are dogs that usually underwent some cruel treatment and have been homeless and malnourished.

As such, we believe that these animals deserve help.

Boxer Lovers Rescue

This organization is a non-profit one so they maintain their operations based solely on volunteers and donations. They make it a point to take in as many Boxers as they can in order to provide them with the help and care that they need.

Boxer Lovers Rescue also primarily focuses on the American Northwest area but is seeking to spread their influence further. They are always looking for more people to lend a hand.

Adopt a Boxer Rescue

Another non-profit animal welfare organization, this one is aimed toward helping abandoned Boxers find a better family and home for themselves. They regularly hold fundraisers and events wherein people can come into contact and better understand the nature of Boxers.

This organization needs all the help it can get as you may imagine that the sheer number of dogs that they must care for is quite substantial.

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