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Both Eyes Open: Why Dog Shelters Need Your Help

There are countless people who are on their toes to adopt a dog into their lives. Many of them find the dog of their dreams through a dog shelter. However, if the shelters’ current situation continues, people will no longer have that option open.

Animal shelters or dog shelters do need your help to survive. Here are some reasons why:

Bad Reputation

Shelters have endured quite a hit to their reputations because of a single organization: PETA. While this organization says that it pledges to protect animals and fight for their ethical treatment, there has been evidence to show the contrary.

Because of the things that this one organization has done, all the shelters have suffered. There are shelters out there that are fighting to make a difference and are run by good people. Shelters like those are in dire need of volunteers, workers, donations, and support. Donations can even be in kind such as donating your extra bully sticks to these poor dogs.

Shelters need your support in order to survive the reputation that they’ve been suffering because of someone else’s bad practices.

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Pets, sadly, are a commodity which earns people quite a significant profit. This is the reality of life. Whenever there is a source of money, there will be people that will want to exploit it in whatever method they are able to.

Shelters face real competition from pet stores that run puppy mills. These people know that the general demand will be fore puppies and this is something that not all shelters will have in abundance. Puppy mills try to target the populace that is generally poised to support dog shelters.

Lack of Funding

Shelters and Rescue Centers survive through the tireless and highly stressful work that their volunteers do. It takes a lot of money to keep a shelter running. The animals need food, water, a comfortable place to stay, medicine, and sufficient care.

When shelters do not have sufficient funding to care for animals, they have to shut down. The animals under their care have to be transferred to other facilities that are already burdened. This is what drives up the number of animals that are put down.

Shelters and Rescue Centers are important as they help keep the homeless animal population down and they provide a new start for dogs that were not given that chance early on in their lives. There are many of us that all swear up and down that our rescue Boxer was one of the best things that happened to us. We hope that today’s discussion helps reach out to shelters in their area and offer the help that they can provide.

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Talking Basics: What Does It Mean to Rescue a Dog?

The term ‘rescue a dog’ is something that you might have probably heard but what does it really mean? This is what we aim to explore with today’s discussion. We hope that you’ll find it to be enlightening.

What is a “Rescue Dog”?

A rescue dog is usually defined as a dog that is taken in by a shelter or by authorities when the original owner of the dog is unable to care for the animal. We see this quite often in cases where there are dogfights. Authorities raid such places and take in the animals to get suitable care.

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In those cases, the dogs are usually taken to a local shelter that’s nearby or is taken to a vet before they are transferred over to a shelter or a rescue center. It is important that dogs which have been subjected to human cruelty get professional help as they will be under a significant amount of stress.

Differences between Shelter and Rescue


Shelters are often run by local governments. They generally take in homeless animals which have been seen walking around the area. Shelters are often mistaken for pounds. In fact, in other places, they are often interchangeable.

In places like the US and Canada, shelters are usually run by for-profit organizations that keep vets on hand to help with any sudden influx of animals.

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A rescue is a lot like a shelter except that they are primarily run by volunteers. They generally take a more personal approach towards housing and caring for animals. There are certain shelters that are usually private homes.

In a way, they’re a lot like foster homes. The people who care for the animals tend to be the ones to either provide any medical care or take them to a vet.

If you’re planning on adopting a dog, both a shelter and a rescue center are viable options. The truth is, it might be a bit harder to get a dog from a rescue as the caregivers tend to really observe and judge those who aim to get a dog. However, the dogs are generally better adjusted as they get emotional needs met, too. It’s up to you to determine which avenue you’ll want to pursue.

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