Care to Contribute?

contribute - Care to Contribute?

Did you know that nearly 1.4 million dogs are killed each year simply because the shelters that have them cannot cope with their upkeep and the sheer number of newer dogs that come in every day? A staggering 72% of the dogs which are put to sleep are older dogs as opposed to the younger dogs and puppies which are often adopted quite fast.

We came by this knowledge through the dedicated research and the experience of countless others. This was when we learned how precious the voices and knowledge of others are. This is something that we want to harness as our strength.

Would You Like to Contribute Your Knowledge?

We are Saucon Valley Boxer Club and we are looking for more contributors for our publication. We are looking for article contributions regarding:


This is the breed that we tend to focus upon. If you have any personal experience with a Boxer or have significant knowledge of Boxers in shelters, we would highly appreciate articles that discuss them.

Dog Shelters

We want to raise further awareness regarding shelters—both good and bad ones. We believe that this is a topic that requires significantly more attention.

If you believe that you would like to submit articles or if you have further questions regarding the whole process, please do not hesitate to reach us through our number: 208 382 6099. Help us lend a voice to all the dogs in shelters that deserve a good home and a loving family.