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Pets tend to contribute a lot to the quality of our lives. They can bail us out during tough times and offer quiet companionship that speaks more volumes than the many shallow words that are often shared by callous people. Everyone grows up and grows older and we often feel alone and abandoned. The same is true for dogs.

There are dogs that are given up on, left alone, or given away simply because they either outgrew the puppy infatuation phase or their owners were simply unable to care for them as they were supposed to. Saucon Valley Boxer Club aims to champion the havens for the devoted and the fearless. In our minds, a particular breed that embodies both would be the Boxer.

We are a publication that aims to forward discussions regarding rescuing Boxer dogs and the idea of dog shelters. Many who work for this publication favor this breed and know first-hand what kind of cruelty older dogs are subjected to simply because they aren’t “cute”. They also know of the kind spirit which dwells in older dogs and the benefits both parties can reap through a rescue or an adoption.

We hope you join us as we continue to publish discussions about Boxers and Dog Rescue.