What Boxers Are Like & Which Chew Treats Are Best According to Bully Stick Reviews

Saucon Valley Boxer Club is so named because of the dog breed Boxer. Today, we wanted to talk—quite frankly—about this particular breed of dog to give you guys a better idea of what they’re like. We feel that this is important as this particular breed is one which tends to enjoy quite a bit of popularity.

A lot of people who get Boxers for their looks end up being surprised at the actual animal that they have to care for as opposed to what they thought they would get. In our experience, Boxers have these characteristics to them.

boxer jump - What Boxers Are Like & Which Chew Treats Are Best According to Bully Stick Reviews


Boxers can be quite aggressive if they are placed under poor leadership. They like to prove that they are dominant when other dogs of the same gender are in the area. They are often known to chase down cats as well. When it comes to chewing, boxers are just as aggressive. It’s important to give them treats that will last longer than the usual ones. We highly recommend bully sticks. According to bully sticks reviews, these chew treats are preferred by both dog owners and pets for their durability and delectable taste.

Highly Spirited

Boxers are quite high spirited and like a lot of physical exertion. They are a pretty good fit for owners that like staying active and are otherwise ill-matched with homebodies. If you are aiming to get a Boxer, you need to see if you can fit their high spiritedness in your lifestyle.

Health Issues

Like most pure breeds, there are pre-existing medical issues which they are highly prone to. This is the danger of choosing a purebred dog. They tend to get stricken down with heart disease and hip dysplasia—a lot like pugs. It is important that you are highly aware of the issues that may develop with your Boxer so that you are prepared.

Don’t mistake this as trying to put you off from getting a Boxer. The truth is they are incredible animals. We just believe that you should be approaching this with a frank perspective rather than one that intends to lie to you. We hope that today’s discussion helps grant you a better perspective.

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